Monday, 18 February 2013

Campo Felice

Campo Felice is a karst plateau of the central Apennines, located in Abruzzo, in the province of Aquila, between the municipalities of Lucoli and Rocca di Cambio, in the chain of Velino-Sirente and partly within the regional park. It is also a home to major sports facilities making it very popular during the winter by skiing and winter sports of central Italy due to the presence of the ski resort and its easy accessibility.

"To be at the top, you need the confidence to stand alone."

My mum planned this whole thing to give us a treat since we've been very busy the past weeks, and also a Valentines Day date for my parents. Campo Felice is around 113 to 130km from Rome, I bet its a two hour drive or so. Mainly, my plan was to learn skiing,but upon arriving at the place it was crowded than I thought and it was steep than I expected. At the skiing resort, they told me it was used to be steep because the camp was for competitions and for professionals. HAHA. Poor kid. I was forced to use "Padella" (the orange thing I was holding in pictures) to at least experience that gliding feeling, I have no choice but to mingle with the kids who were using the same thing. I wasn't lucky enough to score a skiing gears because there's no rentals, you must bring your own and I don't have yet. I really wanted to learn skiing, I know it isn't so late.. hopefully next year, I could.

Hope you enjoy this post!
I do enjoy this place, but there are disadvantages like the cable cars were exclusively for skiers to immediately reach the top and rentals of gears was not evident.
If you are an Alpine skiing enthusiast, this is absolutely an addition to your bucket list!

Until the next travel posts!

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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Street Photography

Since Paris is widely accepted as the birthplace of street photography. I took every chance to achieve beautiful photographs from this city. The cosmopolitan city helped to define street photography as a genre and the photography helped to form the city as well. Everything in Paris seems so photogenic! I feel like a professional photographer in my every shot. Every shots are dramatic, as if they were photo ready. 

Here are some of the photographs. I didn't use any effects since i don't have much knowledge on cameras, hence i used some photo editors to make it more dramatic.

Starbucks in front of Moulin Rouge.

Even trees are photogenic. Such a dreamy place.

Spotted this couple talking. Just like in movies!

Notre-dame hiding  behind trees.

Le Carousel.

  A futuristic structure in the midst of classic French architecture.

Art Gallery.

Place de La Concorde.. I love the gold touches.

They maintain cleanliness in every corner.

Wall art. I wish every city use this kind of art on their graffiti instead of doing such a messy one.

Couples everywhere. I'm a tad jealous.

Saturday, 29 December 2012

PARIS, France

December 2012

  • Day 1
My first entry for my Travel blog would be very dreamy since I am featuring Paris, France. Who on earth wouldn't dream to be in Paris? Almost everyone does, right? As promised from my recent post I have here photographs during my 5 days in Paris. Well, 5 days includes the allotted time for travel.
Sorry if  I'm a tad late in  posting since I had fever due to very cold weather in France and I had to convince my lazy butt off to work on these photos. Deliberating which one to show on blog took me two sleepless nights, finally I have these photos which I think would be worth sharing.

December 23, 8AM was our departure. Mama got me a package tour on a Hop On Hop Off bus. Inclusive of the hotel and ticket for Disneyland.. It took us more than 12 hours to reach Paris! Wheeeww! Way too long uh?

Stop over in Switzerland.. If only I can buy all these chocolates and give it away for my lovely viewers, I would be happy to do so. Swiss Chocolates are the best, everyone knows that!

Yes, this is Legal! And very vulgar uh?!

The lift going to Basilisque du Sacre-Coeur de Montmartre.. For only 1.70 Euros.

We arrived much earlier, the lifts are still closed. So were going to take the steps.

The view from the Basilisque.

Basilisque du Sacre-Coeur de Montmartre. Built between 1875 and 1914 on the "hill of martyrs". It is seated on hills that makes the Basilica shine out as a sign of hope. Elevated or situated on high place signifies or equal to each and everyone's hopes.

"Up there, the Lord is present. Up there, somebody is praying for me."

The basilica is home to a large and very fine pipe organ built by Aristide Cavaillé-Coll.

Have you seen it?  :)

Art Nouveau detail on the Metro sign.

8AM. Still the sun isn't shining bright, maybe she's ashamed with these lights coz' this somewhat outshine her.

They didn't get my name right.

Notre Dame, home for the hunch-back bell ringer, Quasimodo.

Side details of Notre Dame.

Photo bomb at a souvenir shop.

The Louvre, central landmark of Paris!

Behind me is the Jardin des Tuileries, a public garden located between the Louvre Museum and the Place de la Concorde.


--   End of  Day 1   --

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  •  Day 2        
Place de La Concorde and  Eiffel Tower.
We waited from dusk till night  to witness how Paris transforms into a different place when it is wonderfully lit. You can't even notice that you are still on that very same place, just imagine how rich the history of Paris, that's how magical the feeling is being in here.


Eiffel Tower at daytime.

My weakness! Vintage cars. *Ugh, Actually everything vintage.

Close-up of the Eiffel Tower.

At night time.

No wonder why The Eiffel Tower is the most-visited paid monument in the world.

Under repair, they're planning to put first floor or sort of a lobby for those waiting for the lift going to sommet.

Blessed cow! Even if you're not a pro in photography, Eiffel Tower is effortlessly photogenic!

Just awhile I discovered that every hour, the Tower beams this whimsical white tiny lights. I suppose to give some climax or to cheer up the visitors.
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--   End of Day 2  --

  • Day 3                                                    
I'm dying to go home already, not because I didn't enjoy the trip but because the weather is too odd for me.  I had fever plus the coughs and sore throat, I grabbed every chance to enjoy the trip but I really wanted to take a long nap. :) Last destination is Disneyland, but boy! I believe the temperature is between -4 to -5 Celsius. This is my first time in experiencing this cold, wearing too thick clothes which kinda heavy.. And walking around Disneyland? Oh no, I'm close to having hypothermia! But still, I managed to take pictures and that is all for you guys! :)

Disneyland Hotel behind me!

Disneyland Paris is celebrating their 20th year!

Merry Christmas!

In Adventure Land!

Another interesting story about my trip is while on the bus, I've got a glimpse of some countries and cities along the way. First are Firenze and Parma in Milano, but i don't have much to say about this. In Bologna, they started experiencing snow and I'm kind of amazed on how their streams are milky green. What fascinates me the most are Como and Switzerland. Como is sort of a junction parting the ways to Switzerland and France, the Lake of Como seated on the foot of Alps mountains and their town surrounding the lake makes a panoramic view plus the perfectly inclined fogs as if to create a breathtaking view that every photographer would grab chances to take a shot of it. The latter, Zurich Switzerland was a wonderland for me! As if I was a kid staring at a miniature White Christmas Town. I laughed at the thought when I saw the Zurich mountain and tell myself, "I often see this mountain on my milk bottles or chocolate bars but i never expect to see it in real. "

Perhaps, I ain't too lucky, we can't get off the bus yet and the windows were a bit foggy that we couldn't achieve any clear photos.

That's all folks!
Hope you enjoy it!

Watch out for my next travel diaries. It may not be as dreamy as Paris, but i will make sure it will be helpful for all my viewers.. Plan your trip now! Make sure to include Paris in your bucket list! See yah!