Sunday, 30 December 2012

Street Photography

Since Paris is widely accepted as the birthplace of street photography. I took every chance to achieve beautiful photographs from this city. The cosmopolitan city helped to define street photography as a genre and the photography helped to form the city as well. Everything in Paris seems so photogenic! I feel like a professional photographer in my every shot. Every shots are dramatic, as if they were photo ready. 

Here are some of the photographs. I didn't use any effects since i don't have much knowledge on cameras, hence i used some photo editors to make it more dramatic.

Starbucks in front of Moulin Rouge.

Even trees are photogenic. Such a dreamy place.

Spotted this couple talking. Just like in movies!

Notre-dame hiding  behind trees.

Le Carousel.

  A futuristic structure in the midst of classic French architecture.

Art Gallery.

Place de La Concorde.. I love the gold touches.

They maintain cleanliness in every corner.

Wall art. I wish every city use this kind of art on their graffiti instead of doing such a messy one.

Couples everywhere. I'm a tad jealous.

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