Monday, 18 February 2013

Campo Felice

Campo Felice is a karst plateau of the central Apennines, located in Abruzzo, in the province of Aquila, between the municipalities of Lucoli and Rocca di Cambio, in the chain of Velino-Sirente and partly within the regional park. It is also a home to major sports facilities making it very popular during the winter by skiing and winter sports of central Italy due to the presence of the ski resort and its easy accessibility.

"To be at the top, you need the confidence to stand alone."

My mum planned this whole thing to give us a treat since we've been very busy the past weeks, and also a Valentines Day date for my parents. Campo Felice is around 113 to 130km from Rome, I bet its a two hour drive or so. Mainly, my plan was to learn skiing,but upon arriving at the place it was crowded than I thought and it was steep than I expected. At the skiing resort, they told me it was used to be steep because the camp was for competitions and for professionals. HAHA. Poor kid. I was forced to use "Padella" (the orange thing I was holding in pictures) to at least experience that gliding feeling, I have no choice but to mingle with the kids who were using the same thing. I wasn't lucky enough to score a skiing gears because there's no rentals, you must bring your own and I don't have yet. I really wanted to learn skiing, I know it isn't so late.. hopefully next year, I could.

Hope you enjoy this post!
I do enjoy this place, but there are disadvantages like the cable cars were exclusively for skiers to immediately reach the top and rentals of gears was not evident.
If you are an Alpine skiing enthusiast, this is absolutely an addition to your bucket list!

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